High School Event Calendar 2018-2019

Southern California maintains one of the most active quizbowl circuits in the nation. On average, there is one tournament every month, spread all around the region, from La Jolla to North Hollywood.

Tournaments which use question sets produced by NAQT qualify the top fifteen percent (15%) of teams to the annual Middle School National Championship Tournament (MSNCT) in early May, or to the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) in late May, depending on the question set. Additionally, the annual NAQT State Championship gives qualification to the highest-placed team that has not already qualified for the HSNCT. MSNCT- and HSNCT-qualifying tournaments are notated on the schedule with an asterisk (*).

The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE) also hosts a smaller, more rigorous national tournament called the National Scholastic Championship (NSC). PACE individually contacts exemplary tournament hosts to designate them as affiliated events that qualify a top percentage of teams to the NSC. NSC-qualifying tournaments are notated on the schedule with a dagger (†).

Date Tournament Name Host Location Question Set
29 Sept Powered Points II Canyon Crest Academy V: IS-177
JV: IS-176A
6 Oct OASIS II Olympian HS SSNCT-18
20 Oct Triton Fall UC San Diego TBD
Nov TBD Irvine HS TBD
Dec TBD North Hollywood HS TBD
5 Jan TBD Del Norte HS TBD
19 Jan TBD Scripps Ranch RMBAT
Feb TBD Arcadia HS TBD
TBD Triton Winter UC San Diego Harvard Fall
Mar NAQT State Championship *† UC San Diego SCT
30 March ReKT Westview HS V: CAST
JV: SCOP Novice 9
TBD Triton Spring UC San Diego BHSAT
TBD Triton Pre-Nats UC San Diego DII ICT
24-26 May High School National Championship Tournament Atlanta, GA 2019 NAQT HSNCT
8-9 Jun National Scholastic Championship Reston, VA 2019 PACE NSC