Quizbowl Packet ArchiveAn archive of tens of thousands of questions from almost every quizbowl tournament since the 1990s, all available for free download. Question sets are organized chronologically and divided into “High School” and “Collegiate” sections.

QuinterestA searchable and browsable database of quizbowl questions that is useful for finding questions from a certain subject, set, or difficulty.

NAQT’s You Gotta Know listsNAQT’s series of lists and summaries for common topics that come up. It contains frequency lists for works of art, music, literature, and non-fiction, and short summaries of specific themes such as “deserts,” “Civil War battles,” or “Norse gods and goddesses.” Though players should not attempt to memorize the information presented in these lists, they can serve as a springboard for further study.

The Northern California Quizbowl Alliance. Centered around the Bay Area, our sister organization manages everything quizbowl in Northern California.

The SoCal Quiz Bowl Facebook Group. A student-run discussion group for middle school and high school quizbowl in Southern California.

The Quizbowl Resource CenterThe most popular discussion group for all levels of quizbowl competition in North America, home to tournament announcements, discussion about the game, advice for new schools, other academic activities, and more.

More importantly, aspiring players should read books and articles, listen to podcasts, and in general learn from everything in their environment.