High School Nationals

The High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) is the largest national quizbowl tournament, fielding 272 teams in 2016. It is hosted by National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT), and its questions boast a higher amount of geography, current events, and popular culture in its question distribution than most other quizbowl tournaments. Unique among national tournaments, the HSNCT uses computation bonuses (but not tossups) and timed rounds, dividing matches into two halves of nine minutes each. Teams can qualify for the HSNCT in one of the following ways:

  • Finishing in the top 15% of teams at any tournament using an NAQT question set
  • Finishing at an NAQT state championship as the highest-placing team without existing HSNCT qualification
  • Applying for a wildcard bid

The National Scholastic Championship is a smaller national tournament, fielding 96 teams in 2016. It is hosted by the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE). The question distribution places a greater emphasis on the humanities (specifically the fine arts), and omits popular culture and sports questions entirely. The NSC incorporates bouncebacks into its bonus questions; bonus parts that a team fails to answer are “bounced back” to the other team, who is given a chance to answer the bonus part for the full ten points. Teams can qualify for the NSC in one of the following ways:

  • Finishing in the top 15% of teams at a PACE certified tournament
  • Finishing in the top 20% of teams at a PACE gold-certified tournament
  • Finishing in the top 25% of teams at a PACE platinum-certified tournament
  • Applying for a wildcard bid

The National All-Star Academic Tournament is unique among national tournaments in that players do not play with their schools, but in one “all-star” team of players from the same U.S. state. It is hosted by High School Academic Pyramidal Questions (HSAPQ). In 2016, the tournament fielded teams from twelve states. For the 2017 NASAT, Team California will be organized by a committee of qualified individuals from Southern California Quizbowl and the Northern California Quizbowl Alliance.

Below is a record of performances by Southern California teams at national tournaments in previous years.

Year Tournament Record
2018 HSNCT Arcadia A, Arcadia B, Canyon Crest A, Canyon Crest B, Irvine, North Hollywood, Olympian A, Olympian B, Santa Monica A, Santa Monica B, Scripps Ranch
NSC Canyon Crest A, Canyon Crest B, Troy NJROTC A, Troy NJROTC B, Troy NJROTC C Westview
2017 HSNCT Westview (9), Arcadia A (25), Arcadia B (65), Olympian B (97), Torrey Pines (97), Irvine (117), Santa Monica (124), Olympian A (154), Scripps Ranch (158)
NSC Westview (2), La Jolla (7), Canyon Crest A (13), Rancho Bernardo (41), Canyon Crest B (43), Cathedral (63)
NASAT Team California (4): James Malouf (La Jolla), Justin French (Crystal Springs Upland), William Scott (Homestead), Arianne Crosby (Los Alamitos), Keoni Rodriguez (Cathedral Catholic), Suprav Goswami (Mission San Jose)
2016 HSNCT La Jolla (21), Torrey Pines (53), Arcadia A (53), Del Norte (77), Olympian A (107), Irvine (121), Arcadia B (135), Olympian B (175)
NSC Canyon Crest (6), Westview (14), Rancho Bernardo (15)
NASAT Team California (2): Kion You (Rancho Bernardo), Rahul Keyal (Westview), Vincent Doehr (La Jolla), James Malouf (La Jolla)
2015 HSNCT Arcadia A (1), Westview (13), Torrey Pines A (21), Arcadia C (21), La Jolla (34), Del Norte (34), Santa Monica (77), Arcadia B (105), Olympian (113), Irvine (131), Torrey Pines B (137)
NSC Arcadia (9), Rancho Bernardo (19), Canyon Crest Academy (28), Taft Charter (71), Del Norte (92)
NASAT Team California (1): Kevin Wang (Arcadia), Justin Nghiem (Arcadia), Bruce Lou (Saratoga), Kion You (Rancho Bernardo)
2014 HSNCT Arcadia A (5), Arcadia B (21), Westview (34), Torrey Pines (34), La Jolla A (34), Santa Monica A (53), Santa Monica B (77), Irvine (115), Madison (136), Rancho Bernardo (137), La Jolla B (248)
NSC Torrey Pines (20), Canyon Crest Academy (49), Capistrano Valley (64), Taft Charter (85)
NASAT Team California (3): Hidehiro Anto (Menlo), Aseem Keyal (Westview), Bruce Lou (Saratoga), Kevin Wang (Arcadia)
2013 HSNCT Arcadia A (33), North Hollywood (33), Westview (33), Arcadia B (50), Torrey Pines (50), San Dieguito (73), Santa Monica (73), Canyon Crest (102), Arcadia C (109), Irvine (121), Rancho Bernardo (130), Francis Parker (179)
NSC Torrey Pines (22)
NASAT Team California (3): Bryce Hwang (Foothill), DoWon Kim (Torrey Pines), Boyang Jiao (Arcadia), Sameer Rai (Bellarmine)
2012 HSNCT Canyon Crest (21), Irvine (21), North Hollywood (21), Torrey Pines (21), Arcadia A (49), Arcadia B (49), Santa Monica (49), Arcadia C (101), Rancho Bernardo (202)
NSC Torrey Pines (27)
NASAT Team California (1): Ankit Aggarwal (Bellarmine), Nikhil Desai (Bellarmine), Sameer Rai (Bellarmine), Jonathan Lam (Escobar)