Westview A defeats Del Norte A in Varsity final of Triton Fall, Del Norte C sweeps JV

Varsity Junior Varsity
Rank Team Record PPB Rank Team Record PPB
1 Westview A 10-1 22.95 1 Del Norte C 10-0 20.40
2 Del Norte A 8-3 21.01 2 Westview C 8-2 18.75
3 Arcadia 9-1 20.00 3 Del Norte D 6-4 17.87
4 Westview B 6 – 4 17.45 4 Santa Monica 4-6 18.40

Individual performance:

Varsity Junior Varsity
Rank Name Team Prelim PPG Rank Name Team Prelim PPG
1 Amogh Kulkarni Arcadia 99.00 1 Kumail Afshar Del Norte C 53.85
2 Shahar Schwartz Westview B 92.00 2 Alex Patterson Bonita 53.00
3 Nathaniel Kang St. Margaret’s Episcopal 89.00 3 Ben Makarechian Los Gatos 42.86
4 Kyle Ke Del Norte A 67.00 4 Madhumita Narayan Del Norte C 41.43


HFT. UCSD. Strong field. Interesting tournament. Let’s begin!

Westview A: We managed to win again, with 7.3 powers per game and 23.15 PPB before the finals packet. Shahar was especially good on literature, regularly getting early powers, while Junu also proved his skill on a housewrite, where there is less history and geography than there is on NAQT, by putting up 15 powers across 11 games alongside Shahar’s 51. Another positive thing to note is that Nicholas went from a negative PPG in prelims to over 14 PPG in playoffs. Another thing is that our neg count was pretty high overall, as we had 17 negs over the first three rounds and 39 in total over 11. If we can manage to lower that, hopefully we can keep this win streak up.

Del Norte A: Del Norte, despite missing Ajai, made finals in yet another tournament, handily beating us when we went against them in playoffs. Specifically, Joshua has become very, very good at science, and the housewrite distribution assists Kyle’s lockdown coverage of music. Despite playing with only three players, Del Norte A was able to put up 6.1 powers per game and 21.48 PPB before finals, along with 2 negs per game. The fact that Del Norte is able to put up such high power numbers while maintaining a low neg count is part of what makes them such a formidable team; this, coupled with their uncanny ability to get lots of bonus parts that they might not actually know, makes them extremely scary.

Arcadia: Arcadia still has not sent any of their seniors to a tournament yet, but their team of Michael, Amogh, Brian, and Ryan performed extremely well at Triton Fall. Amogh and Ryan combined for 66 powers across 10 games, to only 20 negs, and the team had 20 PPB across their 10 games. When the team gains more coverage in the form of Stephen Dai, Vincent Kurniawidjaja, Spencer Cheng, and more, they will be especially scary—I am excited to see just how good they will be.

Westview B: Westview B performed really well, only losing to us, Del Norte A, and Arcadia. Literature, fine arts, and philosophy player Daniel Jung had 49 PPG in prelims, and when Aakarsh came in the afternoon, the team had incredibly balanced scoring. With the four of them, they put up 18.48 PPB in playoffs, proving that they had solid coverage of lots of the distribution.

Del Norte B and North Hollywood rounded out the champs bracket. Literature player Sofia put up 41 PPG on Del Norte B, and Hannah had a power a game, while the team had 16.63 PPB; Heather and Albert formed the backbone of NoHo’s scoring and they had 16.53 PPB across all rounds in the tournament.

In the consolation bracket, Scripps put up really good power numbers in the afternoon rounds, and Nate Kang led St. Margarets’s scoring with 86 PPG and 21 powers in 10 rounds. It was also good to see Francis Parker and La Jolla attend their first tournament, and OLP seems to be attending more tournaments now that they have started their club. CCA’s underclassmen did pretty well, combining for 18 powers alongside Jonathan’s 10.

JV time!

First off, UCSD somehow fit all seven prelim rounds before lunch, with lunch starting on time as well, resulting in the entire JV tournament ending at around 3PM. Argue all you want about A set questions being short, but that is an amazing accomplishment in itself.

Del Norte C: Kumail led all individuals in prelim PPG with 53.85, and Madhumita backed him up well, exceedingly so after Round 6, getting 10 out of her 14 total powers during those rounds. The team’s 439.5 PPG was a full 155.5 above the next best team, Westview C, and their PPB of 20.72 was 3.35 above Westview C’s. The team was absolutely dominant throughout the tournament, getting at least 13 tossups in every game except for one. It remains to be seen how well they scale up to harder question sets, but their neg rate of less than 2 negs per game will do nothing but help them win games there as well.

Westview C: Westview C was decidedly the second best team at the tournament, with 2.7 powers per game and 17.35 PPB. James, Rohan, and Aiken were all extremely close to each other PPG-wise, and they did not neg a lot.

Del Norte D: Abdullah and Devam led them in scoring, and they managed to take 9 tossups against Westview C in round 10, showing that they are capable of playing better than their stats might suggest. They only lost to Del Norte C and Westview C, proving that they are capable of beating the teams that they are better than.

Santa Monica: Santa Monica has sent an assortment of JV teams to tournaments this year, and this one played decently at Triton Fall. Despite getting 10 tossups in a game only once in the tournament, they were able to beat all teams that didn’t make it to champs bracket.

Senior Alex Patterson ended as the highest scorer overall with 55 PPG while leading Bonita to a 6-4 record, and Yasaswi played well on Del Norte E, managing over a power a game. It was good to see Valley Center at another tournament, and quite surprising to see NorCal school Los Gatos show up to a SoCal tournament.

I probably missed something, so if I did, please tell me, and I will try to add it when I get the time.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and I hope to see you at future tournaments!

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